O Outro Lado do paraíso Capitulo 1

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The plot has two phases and begins in Tocantins. The first phase, set in 2007, presents the teacher Clara (Bianca Bin), an innocent young orphan who lives with her grandfather, a bar owner Josafá (Lima Duarte) in Jalapão. She meets Gael (Sergio Guizé), an heir to a decaying family of Palmas, and ends up falling in love with him. However, Clara suffers from his explosive and extremely sexist temper and but ends up being advised by Sophia (Marieta Severo), her mother-in-law, to be understanding. Behind Sophia's demureness, which is just a facade, hides an ambition for the lands of Josafá, where a depleted emerald mine has been discovered, in which neither he nor his granddaughter have the least interest in exploiting after a tragedy that causes Clara's father and son of Josafá, Jonas (Eucir de Souza) to perish. Sophia, a domineering, self-willed, cunning and false woman, plans a plan to get rid of Clara, eventually putting her daughter-in-law in a psychiatric clinic for 10 years.