Chocolate com Pimenta Capitulo 1

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The story of Ana Francisca (Mariana Ximenes), who at the start of the soap opera is a poor, yet kind, young girl. Aninha, as she is lovingly called by those closest to her, suffered the loss of her father and was forced to flee to the city of Ventura, after being left destitute. Once in Ventura, she begins to live with her uncle Margarido (Osmar Prado), her grandmother Carmen (Laura Cardoso), cousins Márcia (Drica Moraes) and Timóteo (Marcelo Novaes) and an adopted family member, Dália (Carla Daniel) on their small farm. Although without means, Ana wishes to study and pursue a teaching career, which she is able to do thanks to the help of the Mother Superior, who grants her a scholarship at the local school. She is instantly unpopular at school because she is poor and is hated by Olga (Priscila Fantin). Aninha begins to like Danilo (Murilo Benício), the Mayor's nephew, known in town for being a ladies man. However, Olga quickly realizes Ana's feelings and tries to keep Danilo from the girl, as she wants him to herself. Meanwhile, Aninha begins to work at the city's chocolate factory. The factory, considered to be the city's economical centre, raises the price of the land and generates money by creating jobs, giving the city a great deal of social status within the region. One day, while working, Ana stumbled upon a man she believed to be just another worker at the factory and befriends him, all without knowing that he is in fact the owner of the chocolate factory, Ludovico Canto e Melo.