Kubanacan 24/04/2021 Capitulo 58

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The story begins in 1951 in Kubanacan, a small Caribbean island country known as a"banana republic", both for its prime export and its economic problems. After the death of the current president, General Carlos Camacho (Humberto Martins) imposes a coup d'état and establishes a dictatorial regime. In addition, the new ruler marries the wife of her predecessor, Mercedes (Betty Lago), first lady loved by the people for her help to the poor and with whom she had an affair for years. In the village of Santiago, a mysterious man falls from the sky during a storm with a chest shot, being saved by the fishermen and cared for by Marisol (Danielle Winits). Without memory, Esteban (Marcos Pasquim) falls in love with the girl and disputes his heart with her husband, Enrico (Vladimir Brichta), who leaves and lets his ex-wife live with the new love, who takes over her two children. Seven years later, in 1958, Marisol meets Camacho, who convinces her to leave and live as his mistress, claiming she would never get out of poverty in the village.