Big Brother Brasil 2023 Capitulo 59

Envie filmes para seus amigos.



Big Brother Brasil 23 is the twenty-third season of Big Brother Brasil, which premiered on TV Globo on January 16, 2023. The show is produced by Globo and hosted by Tadeu Schmidt, who returned for his second season as the host.[1] For the first time, the grand prize (which is expected to be the largest prize money in Big Brother Brasil history) will be unknown until the end.[2] Starting from the standard R$ 1.5 million prize fund, each housemate will be able to increase this amount individually throughout the season by winning competitions or avoiding hitting the eviction block.[3] For the fourth consecutive year, the show features housemates divided into two groups: "Celebrities", composed of actors, singers, professional athletes, and social media personalities, and "Civilians" composed of everyday Brazilians. Before the premiere, four new potential housemates competed for two spots in the cast as part of a twist, with the winners being sequestered after the results and moving into the house with the rest of the cast on Day 1, bringing the total number of housemates up to 22.