Salomé Capitulo 1

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It is 1980 in Mexico City, where there are millions of people who dream of a better life, while others cry and suffer for their lost well-being. In the D'Ruby cabaret lives Salomé (Edith González), she is the main dancer of the show; her beauty and sensuality captivate the audience. Salomé and Karicia (Niurka) are two supportive friends through thick and thin. Together with Yolanda (Yolanda Montes "Tongolele"), the owner of the place, who in her time was known as the "Queen of the Night", they are the soul and motor of the cabaret. The dressing room is Salomé's refuge. Surrounded by lights, feathers and sequins, it would seem that her life is a constant party, but it is not. She found in dance a way to understand life, to challenge the past. She maintains an internal fight that does not end; since she was a child, she got to know pain due to the abandonment of her parents. She was tricked in love and has survived in a hostile world. "El Figurín" (Roberto Palazuelos) is the heartthrob of the neighborhood. He is violent, macho and in love with Salomé, but she breaks up the relationship because she dreams of true love.