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    On 26 January 2021, Xuxa spoke about her new projects on the television program Encontro com Fátima Bernardes and announced that Globoplay would produce a documentary about her, but did not give details of the script.[5] "I have a project to make a documentary that will be released by Globoplay together with Endemol. This documentary had to have Globoplay's hand, because I worked here 29 years," she said.[6] In February 2021, it was reported in the press that Xuxa wanted Pedro Bial to direct the documentary. The approach of the two would have occurred in the previous year, when Xuxa participated in the talk show Conversa com Bial.[7] In March 2023, during the recordings, Xuxa meets her former manager, Marlene Mattos, with whom she has not spoken since 2002.[8] During her participation in the TV program Saia Justa, on the GNT channel, Xuxa said she revived "something that I didn't even know existed. They did a huge research, I didn't even know that I had lived through all of that. I relived all of that, you know? Because they didn't just touch the trunk, they touched little boxes that were closed for a long time", he said.[9]