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    The writing process of the series took place in the writer's room format in which the writers come together intensively for the creation and development of scripts.[6] According to Carolina Kotscho, they had considerable freedom in writing: "we wrote without any limit. We imagined that eventually this limit would come, but it didn't. This was a grateful surprise!"[7] According to Raphael Montes, one of the writers, Globo gave total freedom to the staff: "I remember a discussion in which we started to throw ideas and we said that this would never be aired, but they did film it! It was our will, the creation's, the direction's, the team's and Globo's itself to make something different, that has known and identifiable elements by the general public but at the same time innovating."[7] The creator and director José Alvarenga defined the series as a crossing of various genres; ranging from police thriller, horror, terror and suspense to romance. The series was inspired from the first season of True Detective, as well as other similar themed shows such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Supernatural, The Hunger Games and Lost.[1][2][3][5] To simulate the feel of a reality show as the plot demands, Alvarenga borrowed nine camera operators from Big Brother Brazil.[8] The fictional 800 m² prison set, built in Estúdios Globo, was inspired from Alcatraz Prison.